We have a variety of small groups which all are welcome to join. Currently the following groups are


The Book group

Grace Church Book Group is a small group of men and women who read a range of Christian books

and then meet every six weeks on a Monday evening at 8pm to discuss the nominated book for that

session that we all previously agreed to read. We do this in a relaxed setting over coffee and cakes.

It is amazing how different our views can be about the same book! It is so thought-provoking to hear

the thoughts and opinions of others as well to share what we discovered from our reading. Do come

and join us!

Monday Walking group

This group meets at 9am on Monday morning. We walk and chat for about an hour across the fields

if dry, along the inside of the Caversham Park Village area if wet. All are welcome.

Monday Football

The Monday night football group meets up at the house of one of the members whenever a Premier

League, FA Cup match or England match is scheduled. Whether you support the teams playing, or

not, all are welcome. There’s food provided and some drinks but feel free to bring your own as well.

There’s lots of banter and camaraderie and if you guess the correct score line, (before kick-off

obviously!) you get some free chocolate as a prize!

Daytime Life Group

This group meet on a Wednesday afternoon to encourage one another, to pray, to learn from the

Bible and have an enjoyable time together.

Wednesday Craft group

A group of like-minded Art and Craft folk meet together on a Wednesday evening at 8pm. The group

is open to both men and women. We encourage folk to bring any project they are working on, to

have fellowship with tea/coffee and sometimes cake! It can be anything from sewing to knitting,

drawing to colouring in - cross-stitch to quilting - or anything else you might creatively be designing!

Thursday Life group

An evening life group to encourage one another, to pray, to learn from the Bible and have an

enjoyable time together.

For more information get in touch.